Founded in 2014, our company has an experienced staff who have worked in the construction sector for many years. Seeing the need for construction materials in the world market, the company has taken steps in this way. Construction materials are being sent to many countries, especially Turkmenistan and Georgia. mainly in Turkey and supply of materials can be made from other countries.

Our Mission

To provide safe, safe and high quality Turkish construction products on time and accurately for the constructions made abroad.

Our vision

To contribute to all places to be built with the idea of keeping safety and quality at the highest level in everything that comes into contact with people.

Respect for Human

Agena LTD has adopted the concept of respect for human beings and has taken steps in this way to further strengthen its place in the world market.

Environmental Awareness

We behave respectful to the nature of our guests by taking an environmentalist attitude in every work we do. We put what you get from nature without hurting nature.

Quality Service

It is our duty to offer you the concepts of Aesthetics and Safety at an optimum level without compromising the quality.